Yogurt City—Waving to the States

                           Yogurt City—Waving to the States


We, Yogurt City, are not yet the largest franchised frozen yogurt company, but we take pride in having been one of the most popular and fastest growing brand names in the field. Our strength is proven in the fact that most of our retail stores’ yearly sale volumes far exceed our competitors.

Here are a few benefits that may convince you of the decision to opt in Yogurt City.


Cost-effective Investment

Joining us can save you hundreds of thousands dollars compared to other frozen yogurt competitors. We guarantee that our licensee stores pay 5% lower for the same products as sold to our wholesale companies.


Full Management Authority

We are great at waiving all the loyalty and marketing fees. Plus, our retail stores are granted full independence of decision-making throughout their franchise status. If you find that you are not comfortable with Yogurt City, you are free to leave without any obligation or penalty.


Low Barriers to Entry

And lastly, the competitive fee schemes. The initial fee is set at $12,000 per location, and $200 per application. The cost for remodeling a new retail store is estimated around $190,000 or more.